Seeking to bring its financial services closer to the people, NMB Bank Plc has opened a new branch at Mbogwe, Geita. The new branch makes it 25, the number of branches in the region and 229 across the country. 

Speaking at the launch, Geita Regional Commissioner Eng. Gabriel Luhumbi said the branch comes at a time when plans are afoot to transform Geita into an economic hub in East Africa as it connects directly to all the major cities in the region.

“Geita is endowed with an abundance of gold, milk, honey, rice e.t.c and it connects to Kigali, Kampala, Congo plus Dodoma hence very strategic for investment & trade opportunities. Traders can now deposit all their bulk cash after concluding business directly at this branch rather than travelling long distances with cash which is less secure & very risky.

Many here have the habit of storing huge amounts of money from gold trade at homes or burying under trees which more often than not puts you & your families in harm’s way. I advise you to take advantage of this new branch to keep your money safe. Whenever you get money, put your money in the bank or finalize all transactions directly at the bank,” he said.

Apart from praising NMB for bringing financial services closer to the people of Mbogwe, Eng. Gabriel requested the bank not only to avail banking services but also look at organising an economic forum aimed at imparting financial literacy and showcasing business opportunities available in the country.

Speaking at the launch, Mbogwe District Commissioner Martha Mkupasi said the bank has accomplished the government aim to bring financial services closer to the people who for a long time had made pleas to the bank to establish its presence.

“The bank will not be providing banking services as the only important service to the people but is a serious partner in development,” she said. She praised the management of NMB for seeing it wise to expand their services in Mbogwe before which residents were forced to travel 50 Kms to Kahama or 50 Kms to Bukombe for the nearest NMB branch.

NMB’s Mbogwe branch is designed to serve residents Masumbwe, Lugunga, Lulembela, Nanda, Ngemo, Ng'homolwa and other locations close to the area. The branch, according to NMB Ag. Head of Business Banking Donatus Richard, will issue all services including account opening, loan issuance and cash withdrawals among others.

NMB Bank PLC is Tanzania’s leading financial services provider, both in customer base and branch network. With over 2 Million customers, about 229 branches and over 800 ATM’s and over 7000 Wakalas NMB is represented in more than 99 per cent of Tanzania's districts.